Trek Ausangate

06 D - 05 N

The walks in the Andes are the best, here we have Ausangate Trekking, it is one of the circuits comlpetas that surrounds Apu Ausangate ( 6,384 m ). This Ausangate Trek is very magnificent, it shows a phenomenal pure Andean experience in the Andes. Ausangate Trek, Walk to Ausangate, is one of the unforgettable journeys for the Andes Tarvelers trekkers in the remote and wild areas.

A trekking in Ausangate is unforgettable and challenging for lovers of mountain walks. The nights are cold but during the day it can be very hot. The Apu Ausangate, as it is called by the Andean people, is a sacred mountain, which still today people spend it asking for good agriculture, good life for their animals and good health for themselves.


Day 01: Cusco - Tinki - Upis
Visit. Tinqui

Visit: Upis
Meals Included: Lunch  & Dinner


Day 02: Upis - Arapa Pass - Pucacocha - Ausangatecocha
Visit: Arapa Pass

Visit: Pucacocha

Visit: Ausangatecocha
Meals Included:  Breakfast, Lunch  & Dinner


Day 03: Ausangatecocha - Hatunpampa
Visit: Hatunpampa                                                                                       
Meals Included:  Breakfast, Lunch  & Dinner


Day 04: Hatunpampa - Jampa Pass - Q'omercocha                                                                         

Visit: Jampa Pass

Visit: Q'omercocha

Meals Included:  Breakfast, Lunch  & Dinner


Day 05: Q'omercocha - Pacchanta  

Visit: Pacchanta

Meals Included:  Breakfast, Lunch  & Dinner


Day 06: Pacchanta - Tinqui - Cusco

Visit: Tinqui

Meals Included:  Breakfast & Lunch 

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